Book your hotel room now

You know the dates and you know the location. If you haven’t booked your hotel room by now, what are you waiting for? Don’t complain the week of if room prices have crept up, because you procrastinated all year. The time is now!


Buy your table EARLY

This is the biggest party week of the year. General admission passes get you in the door, and VIP gets you extra access and a faster entrance, but tables are the way to go during CIAA Weekend! Especially at this one! We’re usually always at capacity, and seating areas with bottle service are a premium always.


Buy tickets in advance

When you see the party you and your crew want to go to, buy your tickets. Point blank! If you aren’t going in on a table, get the early bird VIP. Your feet will thank you later.


Get your money right

You have plenty of time to plan your party budget for CIAA Weekend. (Don’t forget to take advantage of Rule #5 if you have friends coming into town.


Fellas, don’t forget the 4 C’s

Cologne, credit card, cell phone, and condoms.

Uber, Lyft, or Cruise Cart everywhere

If you are coming in from out of town, traffic during CIAA Weekend is like Atlanta during rush hour. You want no part of it. Be on the look out for our email list with exclusive codes for Lyft and Uber inside. (Cruise Carts is FREE)